Washing awlgrip hull paint

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Washing awlgrip hull paint

Post by lsheaf »

I know Awlgrip recommends using their special boat wash (possibly for good reason) but does Dawn dishsoap or the like damage the paint that bad?
I assume Awlgrip’s Awlwash isn’t readily available in some distant cruising locations so maybe there’s a better solution. Or maybe there will be other things to do on the boat rather than washing it haha.

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Re: Washing awlgrip hull paint

Post by Lloyd »

I have just used Dawn on my Awlgrip paint. Long term who knows.
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Re: Washing awlgrip hull paint

Post by CapnK »

I don't imagine soap would hurt that stuff much, it is tough. I'd stay away from the bleach scrubby stuff (can't recall the name), as it has an abrasive in it.

An aside: as much as Awlgrip paint and other products cost, I can only wonder just how expensive their soap would be! :o :mrgreen:
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