(Note: To Be Vetted - Jan 2018) - Instructions for Posting Photos (Rev. 4/15/09)

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(Note: To Be Vetted - Jan 2018) - Instructions for Posting Photos (Rev. 4/15/09)

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The forum now allows photo attachment, right in the posting window. You'll find this area, entitled "Upload Attachment", directly beneath the posting text box. This allows you to browse your own computer for a file and upload it to the forum server.

The following size limitations are in effect for attached/uploaded photos. If your photos exceed these limited, you will be unable to upload them. Various simple photo editing programs exist to make resizing your photos and file size easy; you probably have one on your computer already. We assume that everyone knows how to browse their computer in order to attach a file.

Maximum file size: 256kb <-Old. New file size limit, 2018: 2MB

Maximum photo dimensions:
1024x1024 <-Old. New file dimension limit, 2018: 1200 pixels width, 800 pixels height

Code: Select all

Because server space may be limited for photo uploads, the management requests that if you have been successfully posting photos that you already have hosted on the web, whether on a website or free photo storage site, that you please continue to do so to reserve the server space for others' use.

[color=#008000][size=150]To post photos on the forum using the image tags:[/size][/color]

First, some basics:

1.  All photos must be .jpg or .gif formats only.

2.  Please resize your photos to no larger than 1024x768 pixels.  Any wider, and it will cause most people's browsers to become wider than the window, forcing sideways scrolling to read.  That's annoying, so keeping your photos to this size will help out.

There are two ways to post a photo on this forum.   These instructions work for Windows users; if a Mac user wants to write Mac-specific instructions, I'll be happy to post them here as well.

[color=green][size=150]A.  The photo you want to include is already on a website[/size][/color]

If you already have a website, or wish to include a photo that appears on any website, follow these basic steps:[list]
1.  Browse to the web page in question and find the photo you want to include.  To try this yourself, browse to this this example page before you continue the instructions below: 

2.  Right-click on the photo, and click "copy image location".

3.  In your new post, right click in the posting area and choose "paste".  This will paste the photo's URL into the posting text box, where you can then work with it.

4.  Enclose the URL you just pasted in image tags, so that it looks like the example below.  I prefer to type in in the [img]and[/img] tags manually, but you can also highlight the photo URL and then click on the "Img" button just beneath the subject field above.

5. The image should now display properly when you click "preview" or "submit". I recommend you always preview your posts to ensure that the photos are doing what you want.[/list]

B. The photo you want to post is located on your computer

Use these instructions for photos that are stored on your computer.
  • 1. Sign up for a free account at any of the photo hosting sites out there. Google "free photo hosting" for a selection. For this example, I chose Photobucket.com because it was the first in the list, but it doesn't matter. Use whatever one you like, but if you use something other than Photobucket you'll have to figure out the image code on your own if the process is different.

    2. Once you have your account set up, follow that website's instructions to upload your photos.

    3. Once your photos are uploaded, find the photo you want to post on this forum and bring it up on your screen. At the lower right corner of the screen, look for the box that reads "IMG Code for Forums & Bulletin Boards". This is a screen shot of what this looks like, and where the image code can be found:
  • 4. Highlight the text in that box, right click, and choose "copy".

    5. Paste it in the forum. This already includes the required image tags ( to make it display properly.

    The pasted image URL ought to look like this:

    Code: Select all

    6. If you have done this correctly, the image will now display when you click "preview" or "submit". I recommend you always preview your posts to ensure that the photos are doing what you want.
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