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Registration is required in order to post. Please visit these rules before registering, and for instructions on photo posting.
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Forum Rules and Registration Information

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Welcome to The Plastic Classic Forum--a humble little place that started on a whim in 2003. Here, you'll find generally sound, practical information from people who have actually done things, not just read about it in some article or book.

My rules for board usage and protocol are simple, but following them is mandatory, and this board maintains a zero tolerance policy for violators. Please read and understand the following rules and protocol, and please consider the forum registration guidelines. Registration is required in order to post.


1. This is a privately-hosted forum, with a non-commercial owner/administrator. I reserve the right to delete any messages I deem inappropriate or blatantly off topic.

2. Inappropriate topics include, but are not necessarily limited to: commercial postings, religion, politics, and sex. There is a zero tolerance policy for this sort of posting.

3. No profanity tolerated.

4. No commercial postings or advertising, other than appropriate listings in the Classifieds section. If you have a service to provide, please don't tell us.

5. The Classifieds section of this forum is available for all forum users to sell their own boats or equipment; it is not for general posting of other items for sale that are unrelated to the user.

6. Please do not cross-post items from other forums here. If users wish to go to other forums, they will, and if people from other forums wish to come here and post their messages, they can.

7. During the registration, you'll see a requirement for an "authorization code". The code you need to enter is listed right there, and will be easy to find; however, robotic registrations will be stymied by this, and will fail their registration. This has been fairly successful at reducing the number of robotic registrations here.

8. I manually approve all new registrations; it is not an automatic process. I only approve registrations that I am confident are legitimate.

9. There will be a delay between when you register and when you’re approved. Normally, approval will take a day or so, but occasionally longer. You should normally receive an automatically-generated message from the server when your registration has been activated.
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