ASW30 - Testing a New 3 blade Michigan wheel

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ASW30 - Testing a New 3 blade Michigan wheel

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Boat: Allied Seawind 30
Engine: Westerbeke 40
Transmission: ZF Hurth 15M (1.88:1 right hand)

The existing 3 blade Campbell sailor ( 13 x 12 ) does not provide enough thrust when motoring into 3 knots or more of current with a headwind. There is little to no drag with this propeller (intentionally designed this way) but because the decrease in ear size, you will lose over all thrust.
Because of this it also doesn’t load up my engine very well and can go above rated RPMs in certain situations.

The new Michigan wheel is a 13” x 12” as well but has a much larger blade area.
I will post an update once i finish the installation today.
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