Epoxy and fiberglass supplier recommendation

Talk about favorite or hated suppliers, recommend good materials or sources, or anything of the same ilk. This is also a good place to suggest unique ideas and innovations you may have come up with.
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Epoxy and fiberglass supplier recommendation

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People often ask me to recommend a epoxy/fiberglass supplier. After years of using various epoxy brands I find the best combination of quality and price is 635 THIN EPOXY SYSTEM from uscomposites.com.
Their website is difficult to order from so best to phone in your order. I mostly use the 635 THIN EPOXY SYSTEM with 3:1 Ratio Medium Epoxy Hardener. The distributor claims it's best to mix small amounts in hot weather rather than use their 2-1 slow hardener if you want maximum hardness of the cured resin because it is slightly less strong and more flexible than the medium, although you certainly can use it if necessary in 90 degree temps. They sell different sizes at:

For best price I usually order 3 gal of 635 resin and 1 gal 3-1 hardener. Last 4 gal kit I bought was $251 or about $63 per gal.

You need one set of these 3-1 pumps: EPX-P31 3-1 Ratio Pumps $8.25 / Set

Get some Aerosil/Cabosil for when you want to thicken the epoxy: FL-AER050 5 QT 8oz $10.50 or buy the larger size if you think you'll need it.

The Aerosil/Cabosil is strong but hard to sand. For easy sanding fairing compound mix Phenolic Microballoons instead: FL-PH025 2 1/2 QT 9oz $18.85

Most of your fiberglass with epoxy resin work you can use disposable 2" chip brushes but for large areas I use a short nap 4" mohair roller and sometimes finish by using a steel fiberglass roller for thicker fiberglass that you want to squeeze the resin into and get air bubbles out.

I have used 1708 fiberglass for heavy layups but it is really thick and soaks up a lot of expensive resin. I usually use this slightly thinner 1208 version: FG-120850 1 to 9 Yd $8.75,
10 to 24 Yd $8.25.

When I need a thinner fiberglass cloth that will go around corners better I use 10oz cloth: FG-C1038 1 to 9 Yd $8.25, 10 to 24 Yd $7.95.

I use 4" 8.7oz Fiberglass Cloth Tape for construction of thinks like an integral water tank or you can cut your own tapes off a wider roll of fiberglass: FG-C04Y 4" Per Yard $1.30 / Yard. You can also buy 6".

I normally use Interprotect 2000e epoxy primer on top of the epoxy/fiberglass but you can buy this for less - TotalBoat-439901 TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat System (White, Gallon):
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ULR2UV4/re ... k_detail_0?
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