Pacer-New Fav. Marine Wiring Supplier - Manufacturer Located in Sarasota FL

Talk about favorite or hated suppliers, recommend good materials or sources, or anything of the same ilk. This is also a good place to suggest unique ideas and innovations you may have come up with.
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Pacer-New Fav. Marine Wiring Supplier - Manufacturer Located in Sarasota FL

Post by Eidoloneliz23 »

I’m beginning to source the wiring I need to wire my new trailer that I’m building.
I generally use Ancor tinned marine wire for my wiring needs on board and for the mast especially.

When I began searching on Amazon and other places for a quality split wiring harness for my trailer, I ran into much difficulty in finding any that were long enough or made from marine grade tinned copper wires.
There’s a good bit of trickery too around the advertised gauge of the wire.
A lot of wiring harnesses out there are made with CCA, which is copper coated aluminum wiring not tinned copper.

My brother a charter Capt./boat builder, tipped me off to Pacer.
I’ve gotten samples of the wire and I think it’s comparable to and maybe even better than Ancor with much better pricing.

There’s a lot of good information at Pacer’s website around the construction of their wiring and information on the duplex jacket labeling convention… plus some “how to” stuff. It’s quite an interesting read.
They pretty much have everything you need; wire, connectors, wire management and other stuff needed to do your basic wiring projects on board and also on a trailer. You can order custom lengths of wire, which is efficient and cost effective.

Here is a link to Pacer:

I am happy to have “found” them.


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Re: Pacer-New Fav. Marine Wiring Supplier - Manufacturer Located in Sarasota FL

Post by atomvoyager »

Thanks for sharing that. Pacer is a good choice and I like that it has PVC jacket instead of the Ancor wire vinyl which is prone to dark stains from some type of mildew that grows on it in some situations. I generally use Ancor because my wholesale price is about 30% less than from Pacer although I see Pacer has wholesale accounts available that I should look into. But as you say, their retail price is better than Ancor.
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