Weatherstrip for cockpit lockers

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Weatherstrip for cockpit lockers

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Last year, I replaced all the weatherstripping on the underside of my Alberg 30 cockpit locker lids. I used a 3/4 X 5/16 rubber foam self adhesive strip that I bought at the local box store. It sealed well but with the summer heat, the locker lids became impossible to open without wedging a large screwdriver along the gap between the lid and the cockpit edge in order to open them. It seems there is an affinity between the surface of the foam and the fiberglass around the perimeter of the lockers. Is there a better solution or material to use?
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Re: Weatherstrip for cockpit lockers

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Hey Marcelo, maybe you can try using a neoprene rubber with a hollow core. It holds up very well in the marine environment. That’s what I will use.

McMaster Carr (download their mobile app if you have a smart phone) sells lots of different shapes and sizes. Some with an adhesive back even though I would personally use a 2 part contact cement such as Rema Tip-Top SC2000. Big River Rubber, out of Kentucky, sells kits for around 100 bucks. Unfortunately if you buy online, you won’t be able to hold the material in your hands to test its flexibility and compressive properties.
Maybe you could have them send you some samples (maybe for free if you ask).
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