Heavy duty Stern anchor bag

Talk about favorite or hated suppliers, recommend good materials or sources, or anything of the same ilk. This is also a good place to suggest unique ideas and innovations you may have come up with.
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Heavy duty Stern anchor bag

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Hey guys

Does anyone have any recommendations on stern anchor bags? I’m looking for something heavy duty with good stitching. I’ve looked on defender.com but wasn’t overly impressed with what I found for the application.

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Re: Heavy duty Stern anchor bag

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I'd also be interested to hear what others have come up with. In the past I've made my own out of various synthetic heavy canvas with webbing around it and a drawstring at the end. A mesh material like Phifertex® Standard Vinyl Mesh Grey 54" Fabric is better to allow the wet rode to dry. People use it to make their own lee cloths and I assume it's strong enough to hold the nylon rode and some chain.
If you're not going to make your own then the large West Marine anchor rode bag Model # 9208265 is what I've used in recent years. It works good for my Jordan Series Drogue as well.
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