Tip: cleaning epoxy off of tools - white vinegar

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Tip: cleaning epoxy off of tools - white vinegar

Post by lsheaf »

I’ve been hauled out for a little over a month now and have picked up a few cool tricks.

This may seem stupid but I have never heard (until now) of cleaning wet epoxy off of tools, clothes, or anything else with white vinegar. It works unbelievably well and isn’t toxic like acetone (also acetone where I live costs 3-4 times as much per gallon). Just be careful when cleaning metal tools with it because the acid in the vinegar appears to make steel based products rust rapidly. I have not tested it on anything aluminum yet.

Unlike acetone, white vinegar won’t evaporate quickly and you can soak tools over night. It appears to neutralize the bond between the resin and hardener preventing any curing but I’m not a chemist.
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Re: Tip: cleaning epoxy off of tools - white vinegar

Post by atomvoyager »

Thanks for the tip. I've been using vinegar for years to clean up, and always for getting epoxy off hands or delicate surfaces because it's less harsh and works better than acetone.
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