Finally - a boat shed

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David VanDenburgh
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Finally - a boat shed

Post by David VanDenburgh »

Although work on my '64 Alberg 30 stalled years ago, my desire to get back to the project has remained. And yet Michigan winters and the lack of a shed make it difficult to get anything done during the months that I'm not sailing on our other boat. Well, wouldn't you know it, as soon as I sent in my check to Stimson Marine for plans, I came across an opportunity to get my hands on a steel-frame structure at a great price. My two sons and I spent an afternoon assembling the pieces, and here it is.


My next task is to either move the A30 forward about 6', my preferred plan, or move the shelter far enough aft to cover the stern. Moving the shelter aft will make getting the cars out of the garage a bit difficult, so that's what I'm trying to avoid by moving the boat forward. Since it's getting late in the season, I think I'll use tarps as cover material.

Who knows if this means I'll actually have time to resume the project, but at least getting aboard the boat - at any season - will be a lot easier. I have, during the past couple of weeks, begun small jobs here and there, but nothing major. I am preparing to pull the engine so I can clean and paint the bilge and take care of some other business in that area. We'll see how things progress. At least there will be shelter soon.
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Re: Finally - a boat shed

Post by Surveyor »

I want one of those! (the shelter, already have an A30)
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Re: Finally - a boat shed

Post by Windcall »

Here was my solution, buy the parts to the size you need, buy the tarps.. this one has been in use for the last two years.
Summer I take the sides off. I used a kerosine heater in the days i work on it.. it get to hot to fast so need a heater with thermostat
You cross brace the ends and in the middle on both sides, I used ratchet straps from HD, It came through hurricane Sandy with little to no damage, couple ripped corners. Also I had to drive 12" spikes in the asphalt 4 to a side.
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Re: Finally - a boat shed

Post by atomvoyager »

That looks like a practical and inexpensive solution compared to my more permanent but expensive, metal roofed RV car ports. Can you tell us some of the components such as tubing type and dimensions and which tarps you used. It looks fairly easy to disassemble to store or relocate when needed.
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Re: Finally - a boat shed

Post by CapnK »

Jealous of the ability to work on a stable, shaded boat that you can walk all around and get to every bit and piece of, even poke holes in it without springing leaks... :)
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