Small Project boat

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Small Project boat

Postby SUNBIRD10201 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:53 pm

Well, guess my soon to begin project will seem small, but small is good! I recently agreed to adopt and give a good home to an ancient fiberglass MIT,"TECH" Dinghy (12.5' LOA). I estimate she is vintage around 1953-4 or about 10-11 years older than I am! Hopefully, sometime over the next month, I will be getting together with a neighbor (boat's present owner) to extract this little gem from the undergrowth behind his beachfront cottage. That may be the biggest project, I hope? I'll try to post pictures when we get her out of the weeds, and then I'll have a better idea of the project scope. It sounds like the boom (wooden) may need replacement well, I know it needs new blocks), Mast is aluminum as I recall, so should be OK, the CB may be shot, I hope there is enough left to use as a pattern for a new one. Not sure about the rudder..... and there doesn't seem to be a sail. What is that old saying? "THE MOST EXPENSIVE BOATS ARE THE ONES YOU GET FOR FREE"! Oh Well! It will be a challenge, and not the first boat that I've rebuilt, or the biggest (well, OK..... biggest was a 14' powerboat.... but, a 12' sailboat should be easier!). It should actually be less complicated than the 9' trimaran I rebuilt!
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