The passing of one of this list's members

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The passing of one of this list's members

Post by earlylight » Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:29 pm

It is with regret that I inform you that captphil416 owner of Deep Blue (a Pearson Triton) and member of this message board has passed on. Phil was a great friend who took up sailing very late in life and fulfilled a lifelong dream of single handing his Triton from Solomons, Maryland to Portugal and then down the African coast, back across the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico, then back north to his home port in Solomons, Maryland. Phil was one who would always make time to help anyone out (sailor or not). He will be sorely missed.
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Re: The passing of one of this list's members

Post by Crazer » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:13 pm

Always sad to hear of the passing of a member of this community. I am so glad for Phil that he was able to fulfill his dream. That's a pretty special thing to have done something like that.

Fair winds and following seas, fellow sailor.

I hope his boat finds a worthy home. A well sailed Triton like that should go to someone who will use and appreciate her for what she is.
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Re: The passing of one of this list's members

Post by TritonSean » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:13 pm

Truly sorry to hear this

Deep Blue looked like a very fine boat indeed !

safe travels

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Re: The passing of one of this list's members

Post by Skipper599 » Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:33 pm

I was not familiar with him but, so sorry to hear about Phil's departure from this place where we all live out our individual lives. As previously commented, I'm really glad he fulfilled his dream. I just hope I can do the same before time catches up with me.
Fare winds and farewell Phil.
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Re: The passing of one of this list's members

Post by Hulukupu » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:58 am

Here is a link on Phil that moved and inspired me. It sounds like he had a very full life. ... f6878.html

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