A really BIG bug.

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A really BIG bug.

Post by Skipper599 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:07 pm

So I'm working away in my shop when I hear this buzzing noise. I look around but see nothing so continue with my task of oiling the grids for my bowsprit and boomkin. I stack the bowsprit grid against the wall
and continue with my task of oiling the grid for the back-porch (boomkin). I hear the buzzing noise again but louder. I do a quick look around and see nothing. I stack this grid against the wall also,
I then start sanding the Tiller. I'm just about done when the buzzing gets really loud. I set the Tiller against the wall
and then decide to stack these items all together. That's when I found the culprit .... a huge wood bug, leaning against the wall.
Do ya think it will ever get off the ground?

Not exactly a contender for "faces in the boat" ... oh well, back to work.
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