Another boat identity thread

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Another boat identity thread

Postby Crazer » Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:21 pm

I am after some information on the make and model of a sailboat (SV Gratitude at the AYC for any Annapolis sailors) that I really like. She looks a bit modern to be a plastic classic, but there's something about her I really like. She's about 35-40ish feet, with a long raked transom. She looks wide for her length, maybe 12ish feet. The raked transom is really her defining feature, it extends out at least three feet from the end of the deck and has grab rails fitted on it. She has a nicely proportioned rig with a long boom and a running backstay. Her cockpit has an interesting arrangement, which makes it looks "busy" (it's too organized to be cluttered) and she has wheel steering. I know that's all vague, but I'll grab a photo next time I am passing by...
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