Check out this cutie

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Check out this cutie

Postby ILikeRust » Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:21 pm

Dunno if this counts as a "classic," but it sure is a sweet-looking little beauty:

Man, I'm tempted.

I think my wife would file the involuntary commitment papers if I even suggested it.
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Re: Check out this cutie

Postby Ric in Richmond » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:05 pm

Seems like a decent price. Look good in the driveway!! Nice to be able to work on it at home and you could go explore ANYWHERE with it....
Ric Bergstrom

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Re: Check out this cutie

Postby radicalcy » Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:45 pm

This seems like a really nice example. I had an 80 or 81 that I bought for around 800, including outboard and trailer. I never had the chance to sail it, but sold it for 3k after some basic refit. The name when I bought her was "Bay Reefer". Took some grief for that, and removed it. The seller was a 78 year old retired Federal Forestry Ranger. Plan was to sail from Matthews to Beaufort, trailer it, and take it home to New Mexico. I think he took it out for a couple of hours in Matthews, realized he was lacking in the energy to sail, and sold it in Lancaster for $3500 with a new motor. I under stand that they are extremly stable, and forgiving. I've thought about finding another, just so I could sail one time.
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Re: Check out this cutie

Postby bcooke » Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:57 pm

I owned a bigger brother to that one, the Compac 19. It was designed by a different designer I believe but close to the same shape; just bigger. A few years ago there was a poster that was doing some pretty extensive work to his but I haven't heard from him in ages.

I can attest to the quality build and they have a very loyal following. The are also great load haulers for their size. The '19 was my first 'cruising' boat and I spent a few months on it along the coast of Maine. Several times I was holed up in the cabin for days on end in the rain and fog and I would entertain myself by making sketches of my ideal boat. Curiously those sketches look an awful lot like my Triton. Four days of going from lying down to sitting up to lying down again in the barely sitting headroom cabin while the rains fall outside does some funny things to you.

They are reasonably stable and docile. They don't carry much sail which is good because once you heel ten degrees or so the little stubby keel (no centerboard on these) becomes ineffective and you just slide sideways. These boats don't really sail to windward unless you can keep the deck pretty flat. The hull shape is flat up forward so they pound in a chop. They are a nice easy boat that is well built. They are not stellar performers but if laid back is your style they are just fine. They do better than they should but they are no J boat. Many owners have contemplated putting in a centerboard and at least one has done so. The ballast is all concrete down there and adding a centerboard would not be easy. And then you would loose the spacious cabin with a centerboard trunk in the way.

Just the other day I was thinking about these boats as I saw another one in the mooring field near my Triton. There was a small boat wake going through the harbor which reminded me of an evening in Bar Harbor getting ready to row out to my Compac. Bar Harbor is known for being a rolly anchorage and as I stood on the dock looking out at my boat I was watching the mast snap back and forth through a 60 degree arc about every second and a half and I was thinking "that is going to be my bed for the night..." . I didn't get much sleep that night.

Well built, easy, stable, fairly attractive but not particularly spectacular sailing qualities. Unless the shoal draft has a high value to you. They are spacious shoal draft boats although a Marshall Sanderling would have to be my first choice if I was going that route.

Of course I am talking '19's and the post is talking 16's. Let's just say its a great little boat for your grandfather where skinny water is the norm ;-)

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Re: Check out this cutie

Postby Rachel » Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:12 pm

A note on the 16 after reading Britton's post: In later years, a centerboard version was offered (or may have been standard; I'm not sure). (Note that I have not owned one, but what I have heard basically follows along Britton's lines.)

I know a fellow who sold one and bought a Montgomery 15. The reasons were: Double berth, sail lockers (under cockpit benches), and centerboard giving better tracking (this was before they offered it on the 16). The C-16 has two quarterberths, but no "main" berth and no cockpit lockers (at least not P & S), so everything had to come below to be stowed on the berths.

They do sound like fun little boats though, and they have become quite affordable these days. They are certainly cute.
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