Cuppla 1960's plastic classics spied on the List of Craig

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Cuppla 1960's plastic classics spied on the List of Craig

Postby ILikeRust » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:00 pm

Anybody know anything about a "Sail Star" sailboat?

Spied on Craig's list:

And then there's a "Greenwich":

My assumption is they're both in pretty sad condition, if their appearance in the photos is any indication....
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Re: Cuppla 1960's plastic classics spied on the List of Craig

Postby Rachel » Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:30 pm

Sailstar brand is basically the same as Bristol. I think one of the Pearsons bought Sailstar and later the company was named Bristol, i.e. "Sailstar Corsair" basically equals "Bristol 24." The ad may be for a Sailstar/Bristol Corinthian, at 19' (?)

The Allied Greenwich 24 (which it does look like, from what I can see), is a Stadel design that metamorphosed into the Cape Dory 25.
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Re: Cuppla 1960's plastic classics spied on the List of Craig

Postby Richincident » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:45 am

Rachel, is there anything you don't know about boats! You are amazing!
Richard McManus

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Re: Cuppla 1960's plastic classics spied on the List of Craig

Postby SUNBIRD10201 » Tue May 10, 2011 6:33 pm

SAILSTAR was a small sailboat builder in Rhode Island, Clinton Pearson bought SailStar in the early to mid 1960's after he left Pearson Yachts (soon after Grumman Allied bought Pearson). The company built mostly small centerboard daysailers and overnighters at first, mostly Robert Baker designs (including the 17' Explorer, rumored to be a copyright infringing copy of the O'DAY Day Sailer, later proved to be unrelated). Later Clint bought the rights to the Corsair 24 and eventually also had a few new designs commisioned for what became BRISTOL YACHTS. These were designs by Halsey Herreshoff and later Ted hood. I thin kthe smaller centerboard designs were discontinued in hte early 1970's, if not the late 1960's.
Some of those Baker Designs were:

19' ORION (daysailer and cruiser models)
19' Voyager (basically an ORION Cruiser with a fin-keel and inboard rudder)
17' Explorer (centerboard sloop, with cuddy)
17' Pioneer (Explorer with a fin-keel or steel centerboard)
17' STARFIRE (Explorer without cuddy)
17' DEFENDER (CB Sloop) [not sure how this relates to Explorer and other 17' models]
14' TALLSTAR (centerboard sloop with cuddy, minature Explorer)
14' METEOR (Tallstar w/o cuddy)
11.5' LITTLE BEAR (open CB sloop)
Sailstar also was the second? builder of the Alberg SEA SPRITE (23') after American Boatbuilding/BEETLE closed.
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